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Monday, 19 November 2012

Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII :)

Hello bloggerz..!

Kali nie syah nak "show-off" sket tentang kasut futsal syah yang bru nie..hehe :P

Tadaaa..!! BLACK and PINK..!!  :D

Act, dah lme nak beli kasut nie cuma financial position syah nie yang x begitu baik..sbb ue x dapat nak beli..but now, this shoes is belongs to me..hehe

So,that'z all from me..btw, hope kowg sume bley support team syah in 
Kluang Street Touch Rugby 2012 pd 24/11/12 di Kluang Parade..
**asek keje nak promote jewp aku nie.. >,<**

Thankz for readings key..see you again..daaa~

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